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Women's Softball Festivals 2024

10 April 2024 | Ben Skipworth
Women's Softball Festivals 2024

Women’s Softball Festivals are back......!!!!! 

Festivals are a great way to introduce players who have never played cricket before and want to give a try. 


Mums, daughters, aunties, girlfriends, wives, friends, existing players, female sports team, mums of junior players, Dynamos and All Stars participants are some of the people to get involved. 

The game is played with softball, so NO pads, NO helmet, NO hard cricket balls. It’s a game for absolutely everybody, no matter your skill level, fitness or age. The rules are very simple too. You just need 8 players in your team to enter any of our festivals. Everyone bats for two overs (12 balls) and if you lose your wicket, the bowling team gets 5 runs but you remain in. As everyone must bat, everyone also must bowl. 

Festivals operate in a very friendly, non-competitive manner and are designed to make first experience of playing a game as welcoming as possible. 

All festivals are administrated by a member of the Dorset Cricket Board Community team and are hosted by cricket clubs across the county, giving them freedom to create a spectacular event, including the possibility of a BBQ or proper cricket tea. For the clubs hosting a festival, you may want to use this as the first step in starting a Women’s or Girl’s section in your club. 

If your club would like to host a festival, then get in touch with Mamta Kothiyal who will guide and help you in delivering the event. 

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